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Sept. 6-8, 2019
Memorial Centre Park

Friday 5pm-10pm
Saturday noon-10pm
Sunday noon-6pm











Go CASHLESS! In 2017, the #KingstonRibfest was proud to be one of the first beer festivals in Canada to introduce the new Token Mobile app. Token Mobile allows you to view vendors and make payments right from your phone. Also get event alerts and promo offers! No need to stand in line to buy your wristband and tokens.


We are continuing to use the app in 2019 and have expanded the features to include purchasing Wristbands in advance Give it a try. It's FREE.


For more info visit, www.tokenmobile.ca. Download the app in advance for Android or iPhone.


Download the app for Android at Google Play Store


Download the app for iphone at Apple App Store


How does the app work?


Before arriving at #KingstonRibfest

Step 1 - Download the app and create an account.

Step 2 - Select the Kingston Ribfest & Craft Beer Show event.

Step 3 - Click "Buy Wristband" button at the bottom of the main event page.

Step 4 - Purchase a wristband.

Step 5 - Purchase mobile tokens.


At #KingstonRibfest

Step 6 - Show your mobile order at the Ticket Tent App Line to receive your Wristband. Please note that your wristband must be verified before you can use any tokens to purchase samples. ID and age of majority will be required.

Step 7 - Use your mobile tokens to purchase samples of beer / cider / spirits from the 16 vendors. Connect to vendors, view menu items, track you sampling

Step 8 - Buy more mobile tokens if desired.




Common Questions?


Q: I already purchased a wristband using cash but want to start using the app for tokens?

A: Purchase mobile tokens and then just go to the Token Mobile Tent so your wristband can be verified. You can also transfer your hard tokens to mobile tokens.


Q: I don't have a credit card (or don't want to use my credit card), can I use cash?

A: Yes, just download the app and set up your acct. When you get to the event, come to the Token Mobile Tent and we can take your cash payment and add tokens to your app account.


Q: What happens to my un-used tokens? 

A: You can send them to a friend or refund them right from your Token Mobile Wallet using the 'Other Actions' tab.  Also, any un-used tokens will automatically be refunded after the event is over (may take up to 5 business days for the money to hit your credit card).